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7 Reasons of Domain Registration from Yahoo for Small Business

Yahoo For Small Business is one of the wonderful initiatives to take every business on Internet. Take first step to secure your space on WWW. Register a domain name from Yahoo; build your website and flaunt it on your social media and business cards.

Are you a small business? What is your website/domain name? This is the 21st century; irrespective of your business size, the customer comes from all geography. Internet globalizes you, me, and every one among us. Bandwidth is a basic need today. If you are not using bandwidth you are missing on significant market share. Having a domain name and website is important to meet your prospects.

7 Reasons of Domain Registration from Yahoo for Small Business
Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo is ICANN accredited domain registrar and sells the following Top Level Domains (TLDs):

,com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .us

Here are 7 reasons, why you should register your domain name from Yahoo for Small Busines.

Affordable Prices: A domain name is a property in itself. Yahoo sells domain registration for approximately USD 10 per year. Making your presence on the internet for this price is not a bad deal anyway.

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Customer Support: Yahoo Offer Free Online 24×7 customer support as well as phone support. At times you may get issues in doing a thing or two for your new website. Round-the-clock Phone Support and Online Support ensures that you will get help the moment you really need it the most.

A Starter WebPage: “This Website is Under Construction”. When you Register a domain name, the next task is building content for your business. If you are not content ready, Yahoo gives you A Starter Web Page for no extra cost. You can publish this page to let the world know; very soon your services will be available online.

Domain Forwarding: Do you have an existing website? Register a new domain with yahoo and point it to the already available website. This is particularly helpful when you have a website with a less competitive domain URL. But now you have found a very competitive domain name. You can use this new domain to send traffic to your existing website. Also, you may want to own more than one TLD for your business with the same name, for example, and You can deploy your website over one domain and redirect others to the same site.

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Domain Locking: This is done to prevent unauthorized changes to the domain name as a precaution. Such occurrences come in the rarest of the rare category. But you can choose to safety so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Private Domain Registration: When you register a domain, your personal information goes public; these may include your name, address, phone number, and email id. If you don’t want to display information to the public, yahoo provides for Private Domain Registration.

DNS Management: You can easily set and change your name servers, plus MX, A, and CNAME records.

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