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Sufna 2 Ammy Virk & Tania – Punjabi Movie

Sufna 2 Ammy Virk & Tania - Punjabi Movie
Ammy Virk & Tania

Sufna 2 Ammy Virk & Tania Full Movie

Sufna means dream, Jagdeep Sidhu an Indian director and writer released his beautiful movie Sufna on 14 February 2020. This movie makes us cry because of every scene of the movie performed by the super talented artists Ammy Virk and Tania. Again Jagdeep Sidhu announced his next movie Sufna 2 releasing very soon. Now this movie will also become the most awaited movie of the year. Ammy and Tania have a very romantic chemistry of love.

About Sufna 2

Firstly, we are very thankful to the whole team of this movie that they give us the gift for the new year 2021. The audience faced lockdown and they finding some happiness for this Covid free year, Now this great news will bring smiles to the audience’s faces. This movie will be the second part of the Sufna movie. In Sufna the main leads got married and in this second part surely the story starts from their married life.

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Director of Sufna 2 – Jagdeep Sidhu

Director Jagdeep Sidhu giving hints about this movie from the last 2 months in his Instagram stories. He is the best friend of Ammy Virk and always wanted to work with him. Their collaboration always gives the best outputs. They always traveling together. If we talk more about Jagdeep Sidhu. The main thing is that he did work with Diljit Dosanjh, Tapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pandelkar, Sargun Mehta, Neeru Bajwa. His true emotions were seen in his writing and directing skills. He posted a picture with Ammy Virk and Tania writing “It Done, I mean SUFNA 2

Actress of Sufna 2 – Tania

Tania will also ready to steal the hearts of the audience again in the second part of the Sufna Movie. She also shares posts on her social media about this movie. She posted a picture with Ammy Virk and wrote ‘”Do you want SUFNA 2 guys??”

Who is the writer of Sufna 2?

Jagdeep Sidhu

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Who is the director of Sufna 2?

Jagdeep Sidhu

Lead actors of Sufna 2

Ammy Virk & Tania

Music Producer of Sufna 2

B Praak

Why did Tania select for Sufna 2?

Because she was also featured in Sufna Part 1, Tania played lead role in first part of Sufna thats why she also selected for Sufna 2.

Who is Jeet in Sufna 2 Movie?

Jeet is main character in Sufna 2 movie and played by Ammy Virk.

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