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Pakistani pilot claimed to have seen UFO during flight, also made a video

Islamabad, ANI. A Pakistani pilot claimed to have seen a very bright unidentified object, a UFO flying in the sky during a domestic flight. GO News quoted sources as saying that the pilot of Pakistan International Airlines saw the UFO (unidentified flying object, UFO) when he was operating a regular flight from Karachi to Lahore (Airbus A-320). having had.

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Not only this, but the pilot has also claimed to make a video of UFOs. In its report, the news agency ANI quoted Pakistani channel Geo News as saying that the UFO was extremely bright despite the presence of the sun. Sources said that it is extremely rare to see such a shiny object during the day. The pilot reported that the thing he saw in the sky was not a planet. It can be a space station shining near the Earth or an artificial planet. The pilot claimed to have seen UFOs near the city Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab province. Apart from the pilot, many residents of Rahim Yar Khan have also spoken of seeing shiny UFOs. Not only this, but its video is also made. At the same time, a spokesperson of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines, PIA) said in its official statement that the pilot was spotted on January 23 during his flight from Karachi to Lahore.

A spokesperson for PIA (Pakistan International Airlines, PIA) said that the pilot spotted this unknown luminous object (UFO) on January 23 at four in the evening. However, what was that thing that was seen in the sky, the PIA spokesperson also said that it cannot be said for sure whether it was a UFO or something … The flight captain immediately told the control room about this Had reported. Whatever we saw reported according to the fixed protocol.

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