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TECH TRENDS 2021 – Sophia Robot, 5G, RPA,?

Welcome to thetechguard guys hope you all well and enjoying our articles. I’m Navjeet Noor. Today we come with interesting info about “Tech Trends 2021Sophia Robot, 5G, RPA‘ hope you will like it.

Technology – The world of technology just like a game played by humans. The whole point is that humans made the technology nation and control the flow of technology. We start from nothing. Now we talking about tech trends in 2021 and we have developed technology so much that our life has become very comfortable. Technology is advancing day by day, evolving a unique world. Appliances have joined our lives so much that we can’t go through some moments of life without them. As much as we have benefited from technology by 2020, it is running to grow very quickly in the coming years. Let’s study about them – 


What is Artificial Intelligence? Explain with examples (Tech Trends 2021)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is also known as AI – The first thing that comes to mind when we hear artificial intelligence is robots, but artificial intelligence is not only related to robots. We use artificial intelligence in our daily routine. Google Assistant is a prominent example of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is always being a tech trend every year because it was not introduced properly for common people.

The proper definition of AI is the intelligence created by humans. Just like us, we have the intelligence to learn so many things, understand the problems and solve them, now machines have also such kind of intelligence. So that they take their own decisions and understand everything that happens. Speech recognition is the best part of AI. They can perceive what’s going around us and reading up and so many things. They are work by coding and programs that introduce by programmers. They also have the power to see and understand things. 

Some examples of artificial intelligence and Tech Trends 2021Sophia Robot, 5G, RPA

1. Sophia a humanoid AI robot 


2. Google Maps

3. Alexa 

4. Google Assistant

is 5g network Technology Launched in the USA? Tech trends 2021

5g that means the 5th generation is a series of wireless technology. It also categorized in tech trends nowadays. 1g gives us the facility for the wireless calls, 2g enables to send messages, Internet facility in our phones through 3g network, HD video calls and phone calls came with 4G network. it is being given a lot of attention in the upcoming 5g technology trends. The electromagnetic waves’ frequency plays a major role in all these networks. The 4g frequency range is 2-8GHz but 5g can use frequencies beyond 300GHz. 5g gives the fastest network speed approximately 100 times faster than 4g network. 5g may also have additional benefits. 5g network is currently available in more than 60 cities in the USA

They could be classified into 3 types

1. Low band – low frequency and low Data transfer, but a high range.

2. Mid band– medium frequency, medium data transfer, and mid-range

3. High band – high frequency and high data transfer but the low range.

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Robotic process automation – The RPA is tech trends 2021 that use to make our tasks and manual process automatically. In short that RPA robots are mimicking the human user. They are capable to fill the forms, log in to the applications, copy and paste, filling data, transfer files and folders, and many more. These bots have the same skills as people. They can make fast calculations automatically and reduce human efforts. These bots are easy to set and use. Robotic process automation has a positive effect on businesses. They are used to improve the outcome of business like solve problems, customer satisfaction, and data sharing & analyzing.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Amazing productivity

Great accuracy 

4. Cybersecurity cybersecurity is used to secure your data, accounts, and computer from hackers and other digital Access. Internet users whose data is linked to apps and websites are given cybersecurity. To strengthen cybersecurity, preparations are underway to greatly improve the hardware and software of devices like phones, laptops. So as not to damage any kind of data. It will get better in the coming years. Cybersecurity is necessary to reduce cybercrime. The purpose of cybersecurity is to keep the data of the general user safe and make the user feel secure about their data.

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5. Blockchain – Blockchain the latest tech trend for the development of the banking system. It is incredibly popular nowadays. let’s know with an example, if we want to send money to anyone or any other country, we can send it in a few minutes with the help of blockchain, and its transaction fee is economical. There is a group of computers in the blockchain and all the group members know about each transaction. Blockchain is completely open up with group members. It is very difficult to hack blockchain because nobody can hack several devices at the same time. That’s why blockchain is known as defending technology. When data entered in the blockchain it is not straightforward to change. For example, bitcoin secure the detail about the transaction of the sender, receiver, and amount. This technology peak lots of people’s interest.

FAQs Related to Technology Trends 2021

  1. What is AI?

    Ai is an artificial intelligence that works like a human. it is the ability of any device to do tasks and take its own decisions.

  2. Does AI require coding?

    yes, AI requires the theory of coding, the whole thing is to depend upon the coding introduce by the programmer.

  3. What is meant by Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is a technology that is designed to protect our data and devices from hackers and other attacks. 

  4. What is robot process automation?

    By this automation, A bot or software is capable to take actions like filling forms, copy& paste data, move files, and folders.

  5. What exactly is blockchain?

    In simple words, blockchain is the technology that records the data of users like transections and secures them. 

  6. Difference between 4g and 5g.

    The main difference is the frequency range 5g network has beyond 300 GHz and 4g has 2-8 GHz. The 5g network is 100 times faster than the 4g network.

  7. Top upcoming technology trends.

    1. Artificial intelligence
    2. Robotic process automation
    3. Sophia a humanoid AI robot 

Hope like this post about Sophia Robot, 5G, RPA. Thanks

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