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Which job you should choose? High Pay Scale Jobs, Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs

Which job you should choose? High Pay Scale Jobs, Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs

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Which job you should choose? High Pay Scale Jobs, Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs


Life is complicated and also the other name of life is ‘Difficulties’. When we come out of the beloved games of childhood, then we find out our real life. As children, we do not worry about anything that happens. Gradually we learn to play, walk and read. During adolescence, we begin to understand what we have to do with our lives. Our understanding is enhanced with our ages. Every stage of human life seems complicated for us, especially when we are immersed in that stage. But childhood is considered to be the easiest. After that everything gets harder and harder. You have to be prepared to face a lot of difficulties.

When a child begins to grow up, he has many questions. What are our parents doing for our lives, what should we do for them?  How to make your life better? How do we keep our family happy?  

Everyone wants to live a beautiful life here. Everyone has to do something in their life. We also know the answer to these questions. A good life requires a good job. If we have a good job then we can live a happy life. Jobs are important for family and life needs. Having a career makes you feel satisfied. you can do something good and earn money for your skills is a wonderful feeling. A good job and career can shape your personality and character. Having a job we can set our life goals and move working toward it. Job gives you a great feeling of Independence. The paycheck shows the path of happiness. There is a wide range of job opportunities. For a good job, we must be well educated. Education  We need to have full knowledge of the job and the required education for whatever job we are applying for. Finding a job is very tough for us and it is considered to be the most critical phase of life.  Today in this post we are going to tell you how many types of jobs there are and how much you need to be educated to apply for any job.

There are main two sectors for the job.


  • Government Jobs
  • Private Jobs


Government jobs

working in the government sector is the dream of many people. Government jobs in India have the most facilities. These vacancies keep popping up from time to time. Government jobs are secure and life-saving. Moreover the pay, it also provides pension plans. Many other benefits make these jobs are more and more popular. Getting a government job is not so easy. It is all about the interview, testes, applicable qualifications. 

Central Government Jobs

The central government jobs including the income tax department, foreign services,  central soil conservation department, railway department, Public Health Specialist, Asst Professor, MO, Staff Nurse, Asst Director, government colleges, executive,s and others.

State Government Jobs 

The state government employees can work as secretaries, lawyers, school teachers, healthcare workers, police officers, and several other positions. These jobs in India include education institutions, financial institutions, banking groups, courts, and other departments like Forest and Animal husbandry, etc.

Govt Jobs for 10th and 12th passed

  • Assistants
  • junior technicians,
  • army jobs,
  • Clerk, Tehsildar,
  • Patwari, 
  • the hospitality industry, 
  • Attendant, 
  • cashier, 
  • cooks,  
  • multipurpose workers, 
  • Junior Accountant, 
  • Junior Accountant, 
  • Lower Division Assistant, 
  • Executive Assistant, 
  • storekeepers, 
  • Driver, Constables, 
  • forest guards, 
  • bank guards, 
  • Village Administrative Officer, 
  • Stenographer.


Private Jobs

Guys if you are a beginner then the private sector is best for starting your career. In these jobs the chance of promotion is high. Private jobs are easy to find. We can also improve our lifestyle and personality in private jobs. The new generation mainly prefers private sectors. That’s why these are increasing rapidly. The salary range is attractive and every day we can do amazing things with our works. In the private sector, we can some tricks and tips.

Private Jobs  for 10th and +2 passed

  • Private banking, 
  • automobile sector candidates,
  • logistics executive,
  • chefs,
  • Assistants,
  • storekeeper,
  • private secretary guards,
  • web designers
  • hospitality,
  • financial services,
  • teachers,
  • partnerships,
  • developers,
  • designers, 
  • Food companies,
  • medical and dental services
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