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Adhaar Card is Dangerous? – Tips and Tricks which saves your data from hackers

 Is Adhaar Card is Dangerous for our Privacy?

Today, the use of the Aadhaar card is being given priority as an identity card from the government to private institutions. Now take JIO only. Now telecom companies provide SIM cards only to those people who had an Aadhaar card.

The Aadhaar card was first introduced for direct benefit schemes like MNREGA, domestic LPD cylinders. Since July 2014, this biometric-based system is being made mandatory for every other scheme. It is now also being used for services such as passports, voter IDs, ration cards. In such a situation, every person must have an Aadhaar card.

On the other hand, everyday media comes in the news of the breach of Aadhaar data, misuse of biometrics data, and breach of personal information. While UIDAI has said that it has looked into these reports carefully and she wants to insist that there is no dent in the Aadhaar’s UIDAI database and that UIDAI’s personal data is absolutely safe. It is a good thing that the government has given confidence to the common citizens by clarifying the situation immediately after the news comes. But what about next? Now that the system like Aadhaar Payments is going to be common. During that time, our biometrics data will be monitored by anti-social elements. In such a situation, you also have to take special care of some things.

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1- Do not share information related to Aadhaar with anyone

Always keep in mind that no government institution or bank ever asks you for information about confidential and private information like the Aadhaar number via phone or email. If you get such a phone or email, never make your Aadhaar information public.

2-  Lock Aadhaar biometric data online

There have also been many cases where people have accused of misuse of Aadhaar biometric authentication. There are many people who have not even used their Aadhaar card for several days but have received an email from UIDAI that their data has been accessed through biometric authentication. You can avoid this situation if you go to the UIDAI server and lock the biometric information. You can also unlock it before using it

3-  Avoid giving photocopy of Aadhaar

If you are not completely convinced, then avoid giving a photocopy of the Aadhaar card to any person. Maybe it can be used for some wrongdoing. Therefore, it would be good for you to sign the photocopy and in addition to that, also write that photocopy has been given for what purpose.

4- Use biometrics data wisely

While buying your own Sim card, you must have shared your thumb impression with a scanner. In the coming time, there will be a similar fingerprint scan in other places based on the Aadhar card. If you are not completely confident about any scanner, then we would suggest that you do not give a thumb impression.

5-  Aadhar Card lost

First of all, go to the nearest police station and register an FIR. Explain that the Aadhaar card is made only once. Even if it is lost, you will not have to apply again. You can get a new Aadhaar card by visiting the website of UIADI. Or you can get a new duplicate card by visiting an Aadhaar center again.

Now I want to tell you the answers to some of the questions given by UIDAI regarding Aadhaar and its misuse.

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) says that it is not possible to steal data from the Aadhaar website. However, the debate over the security of Aadhaar continues. Meanwhile, UIDAI has tried to remove the doubts of the people by following questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

UIDAI has everything except my biometric data like a bank account, PAN, etc, will they be used to monitor my activities?

UIDAI- All wrong. UIDAI has only this information – your name, address, date of birth, gender, 10 fingerprints, pupil scans, face photo, mobile number, and email ID. UIDAI does not have and will never have your family, caste religion, education, bank account, share mutual funds, financial and property details, health records. Section 32 (3) of the Aadhaar Act 2016 prohibits UIDAI from collecting and controlling information of a person.

But when I connect my bank account, shares, mutual funds, and mobile number to Aadhaar, UIDAI will not have this information?

UIDAI- Not at all. When you give your Aadhaar number to your bank account, mutual fund companies, and mobile phone companies, they only send your Aadhaar number, biometric and name, etc. to UIDAI for verification of your identity. Bank accounts or other details are not sent to UIDAI. As far as UIDAI is concerned, it answers such verification requests in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the answer to the verification is ‘yes’ then your basic KYC details (name, address, photo, etc.) are given to the service provider.

If someone knows my Aadhaar number, can it be used to hack my bank account?

UIDAI- completely wrong. Just as no one can withdraw money from your ATM card number only, no one can hack your bank account nor withdraw money from your Aadhaar number only. Your bank account is completely safe unless you give your PIN / OTP to someone. Be completely relaxed. No case of even a single economic loss due to Aadhaar

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