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Paranoia Psychological Disorder (Explained)

What is Paranoia? All About Paranoia By Dr. Soma Dutta - Heath Care The Tech Guard

What is Paranoia? 

It is a psychological disorder, mainly being suspicious, developing mistrust and believing that somebody is trying to do some harm. It is a condition of eccentric personality disorder. It is a delusional disorder which does not allow a person to relax as always the person is anxious, worried and tensed.

What is the present situation of PARANOIA?

In the present situation, all of us are more or less becoming paranoid due to the spread of the Corona Virus. Washing the hands continuously with soap, cleaning handles of doors, taps, mobiles remote controls, all kitchen items, railings of staircases, calling bells and all other items – these are otherwise symptoms of psychological disorders. Being suspicious of the family members ( particularly the male ones) whether they are maintaining proper hygiene or not, reminding them frantically to wear a mask if there is any need for going out to buy medicine or vegetable etc. depict our hidden paranoic behaviour. Again a pandemonium is created as soon as somebody comes back home from outside. “Leave your shoes outside, wash your hands with soap, wash the packets brought from outside, change your clothes, take a bath, quickly close the door“( as if all viruses are waiting outside, desperately trying to get an entry); breathless instructions to the more breathless persons.

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Uncountable Whatsapp messages, Fb messages on Corona Virus ( sometimes contradictory), free distribution of knowledge and advice by anybody and everybody are also making us paranoic. We are assuring each other not to be panic-stricken but not able to control ourselves. Daily new information and data about Coronavirus and the havoc done by it have been boosting up this behaviour disorder among people. Even the cloud in the sky and blowing of the wind or a little bit of drizzling make us doubt about a conspiracy going on against us.

Actually, this paranoic behaviour is not due to any psychological disorder, according to me. It is because of love towards our family, love towards our nearest and dearest ones, love towards life. This life is too precious to lose at the hands of a virus.

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