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Best Kitchen Designs including Pattern and Colours

Hey guys, I am Navjeet sharing this post on the Kitchen Designing, this is my second post on this website related to this topic.

Are you looking for the best design for your new kitchen?

The human brain is such that it gets bored with observing and utilizing the same things over and over again. He wants everything modern and extraordinary in his life. This is essential on the one hand because this believing knocks new creative ideas on our minds. That is why we have developed so much today.

Best Designs including Pattern and Colours for Kitchen

We want everything is the fairest, whether it is our home or our regular useable things we want everything to be the best. Today we are talking about the most fundamental part of the house which is our kitchen.

As we hear the word kitchen, we are reminded of new dishes. Home kitchen in which food is prepared which is essential for our growth and energy. Where our mothers work all the time. Their life lives in the kitchen.  When we think that our home wants a unique look.  Firstly our entire intention is on to design the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Designs including Pattern and Colours –

Kitchen Types, Styles & Layouts

  • L Shaped Kitchen This term of kitchen represents the length of the kitchen is vast than the breadth. When we enter in this kind of the kitchen we easily observe that this is an L shaped kitchen.
  • V Shaped Kitchen In this variety of kitchen, the only two sides of the kitchen is designed with tiles and shelves. The measurement is proportional to the length and breadth. This is the former design of the kitchen. Such a kitchen has only the necessities.
  • U Shaped Kitchen The three walls of the kitchen are designed in this type of kitchen. These kitchens are equivalent in length and breadth. kitchen’s configuration is designed after the v-shaped kitchen.
Best Designs including Pattern and Colours for Kitchen

Which is the best shape for the kitchen? What is G Shaped Kitchen? 

  • G shaped Kitchen These kinds of kitchens have only three sides. This kitchen is also called ‘Open kitchen’. The nicest part of this kitchen is the cabinetry configuration. The cabins are four-walled. A tiled shelf is in the centre of this kitchen, Which provides a wonderful look. This layout of the kitchen is on trending.
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What are the best colours for the kitchen?

For the G shaped kitchen mostly the dark colours are used. If the colour of the tiles is light then the cabins should be designed in dark colours and if tiles are in a dark colour the cabins should be in a light colour. Other categories of the kitchen are designed with any colour which we like.

What are the latest kitchen gadgets? Trending Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon & AliExpress

  • ‘Samsung Family hub 3.O’ Refrigerator  

This is one of the best refrigerators now in the market. Samsung’s technological advancement can be estimated from this refrigerator. Samsung is at top of the list in the world of technology. Everything from Samsung like Smartphones, LCDs, LEDs, refrigerators are fabulous gadgets.

This refrigerator has lots of smart characteristics. It binds the family with its work and conversation, hence the name Family Hub. The capacity of this refrigerator is 810 litre. This refrigerator has four-door. This provides the triple refrigerated facility. 21 inches touch screen is also usable in this refrigerator. A voice controller Bixby is also available which take voice commands.

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We can connect this with our phone and control this anytime and anywhere. It will also tell you the passing date of the items you keep in this refrigerator. A camera is also available in this and we can see everything in the refrigerator.

And many other brands like

  • LG 687 Litre (Life’s Good)
  • Whirlpool 570 Litre double door,
  • Godrej 430 Litre double door,
  • BPL 564 Litre refrigerator

These kitchen gadgets are available on Amazon.

Best Designs including Pattern and Colours for Kitchen
  • Induction Stoves 

There are various induction stoves available in the market and other online sites. Stoves are categorized according to how many burners are present. We can purchase these for our need. several induction stoves which are the satisfactory – Prestige PCI 20, Bajaj Majesty ICX, Prestige Stunner, Menefilx electric double ceramic glass induction, Shadows Sls and Phillip Viva.

  • Microwaves

If u have to love with baking then obviously you want the best oven for your kitchen so here are some microwaves which are available in the market and another online market place like Amazon etc – Bosch Serie, Samsung 23 litres solo oven, LG 32 Litres convection microwave, ELICA 65 litres and Whirlpool 33 litre convection grill oven.

  • Chimneys

There are two classes of Chimneys available in market Button varieties and Touchscreen Chimneys. The touchscreen chimneys are highly recommended for modern kitchen design. Many brands and companies want to win the race of technology in kitchen gadgets. Currently, Chimney gives a new incredible look to the kitchen.

Best Designs including Pattern and Colours for Kitchen

The list of best companies-

  • Hindware
  • Faber
  • Glen
  • Eurodomo
  • Kaff
  • Bosch
  • Wonderchef
  • Sunflame

Hope you will like our information about kitchen designing and new kitchen gadgets which give your kitchen a modern fresh look.

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