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India vs the USA: Traffic Comparison Between India and Foreign Countries

India vs the USA: Traffic Comparison Between India and Foreign Countries

India vs the USA: Traffic Comparison Between India and Foreign Countries

Today I am Going to tell you about Traffic Comparison between India and Foreign Countries. As we know India is the 2nd Largest Population Country After China, We have Many Resources Like Agriculture, Educational System everything but when we are talking about Traffic System then All the Resources and Efforts were Failed. Why It Happens Every Time By doing Such a Large Expenses Still We don’t have a good Traffic Sense, Let’s Find out Today…


Indian Traffic one of the Largest Traffic System Our Resources Can be Managed Daily, Over 130 Crore Population We all have at least one transportation either it can be Cycle, Bike, Truck or Car, Or any other mode of Transportation. When talking about India’s Traffic We all know Very well it’s very Congested and Bad The system we all have.


(A) Talking about light system Every people’s break a Light Signal and instead of doing Fine or Penalty our Traffic A policeman was failed to catch them Because of a Limited number of CCTV cameras available in all Traffic Signals.


(B) The Penalty Charges 

are too low before 2019 but after Implementation of New Motor Vehicle Law From September 1, 2019, Our Penalty Charges was quite High & Harsh too, This happened because Our Government is too serious about Traffic Rules. Charges were Increased Up to Rs. 500 to 10,000 with many categories including Dangerous Driving or Related to Accident Penalty Would be increased 6 months or 1year Imprisonment. But instead of Implementation Or Follow the Rules & Regulation People’s Become smarter and Giving a Penny amount or Giving a False Excuse to Escape From Penalty Charges. Not only this Few People’s of India If Policeman Follow their Duty And Try to Stop Any Transport Instead of Stopping they were Try To Kill Or Injured Them So that They can Escape Easily From Check Post.


(C) Implementation of Traffic Police And Control Room

in the 21st Century after Seeing the Increment of Transportation System Daily, Our Central Government Ordered to State Government that Hire More Traffic Policeman and Home guard’s & Make Traffic Control Room or Check Post In Congested Traffic Places. But instead of Implementation Control Room’s condition is so poor that No one can Describe it with No proper Radio Communication or sometimes No signal is The the main issue we have in Control Room, Not only this Many Policeman Obey their A duty very well but some are trying to Take Bribe or Penny amount of Money instead of Implementing Heavy Or New Motor Vehicle Charge.


(D) Limitations of Zebra Crossing & Light System 

In India almost every signal has a Zebra Crossing ( With black & white Strides marked on the road & also Zigzag Lines for telling or follow the rules and directions ) but many roads still waiting for this Facility, the reason behind this Govt. releases the fund but instead of Making Roads like Zebra crossing & Strong System light system either Requisition Is Pending in Files Or Someone Already Misuse that Money For their Own Benefit.


(E) Breaking a Rules of The Road In India, almost everyone is using the transportation system & Walking or Driving On the Road Govt. Made a Rules for the Safety of the People But People’s Didn’t follow the simple Safety points which are made just for us, talking about Helmet for Bike Driving Used to Safe our Head Injury in case of Accident, Car Driving using a Seat belt is an essential thing just to avoid a major injury in case of a car accident. These are just a simple Thing’s which we have to follow on a regular basis just for the Safety of Us.


(F)Zero Alcohol Policy 

Govt. already told us and give instructions to the people’s that No Use of Alcohol while driving a Vehicle, The Traffic Police Have Alcohol Test Meter and Incase of Proven Culprit this is Called a Serious Offense. Still, we don’t follow this and many were caught daily by the Traffic Police During Drunk a Driven Case.

Bad Traffic System of India 

These are the thing’s which describe our Bad Traffic System of India but talking about Foreign Countries, They have good Management of Traffic System, People also know this If They Break Rules of The Road The Penalty Charges are so High and Punishment is also solo harsh too. Breaking Rules of the Road is a Serious Offense in Foreign Country. Many of the Countries all over the World have the Same Management And Traffic System That India Have but Their Resources are so Good and Proper that people’s of their Country Unable to Avoid Traffic Rules Some Of the Countries have: Good communication System Like They have proper Control Room, CCTV camera’s, Traffic Policeman, Zebra Crossing & Proper Light system, Pedestrian Signals, Strict Penalty Charges, Zero Tolerance of Alcohol policy, Transport Should be Neat & Clean, Proper & Good Driving Roads, No Slippers Allowed During Driving and many more are the Rule’s which made a huge difference between India and Foreign Countries.

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What are Pedestrian Signals?

Pedestrian Signals these are those signals which are used for Walking a Person on the Road without Transportation, There is a Separate Signal commonly used in most of the country’s along with Few Cities in India too. In this People’s have to Push a Button which is mentioned just below the Pedestrian Signal and then According to Signal, The Transport Should be Stopped so that Walking Person Should Cross the Road easily. It is the Same Signal As other’s Signal Mainly used for Pedestrian People.


LHD & RHD (Left-hand Driving & Right Hand Driving)

These are the driving rules which is also the difference between India and foreign, Normally India has a Right-Hand Driving. The rule’s along with 74 countries in this Driver should Sit on the Right-Hand side & Traffic comes to the Left Side, and With Over 161 Countries follows comes to the Left Side, and With Over 161 Countries follows comes to the Left Side, and With Over 161 Countries follows. Left-Hand Driving. Rules in this Driver Seat is on Left Hand Side and Traffic Comes from Right Hand Side.


So this is the Major Differences of Traffic Technologies between India & Foreign Countries. Actually, In India, we all have Resources & Powerful Govt. Which is Capable to Make India Far better than Foreign Countries But Believe me, It’s Not The Job which totally depends on Govt. This is Also Our Responsibility To Make Sure We Can Follow All the Traffic Rule’s And Regulation and Also Drive Safely With the Help of Traffic Technologies. On September 1, 2019, Indian Govt. Launched a New Motor Vehicle Rule Which is More Strict and Good in terms of Traffic System but they also told us to Carry A Family Photograph along with Save an Emergency Number of your Beloved One’s so that in case of any mishappening with you, The Person who Helps You, They can contact your family easily.

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Govt. Program & Policies For Accidental Cases

The Govt. Also Launched a program that Anyone who saved an Injured person shouldn’t follow the Routine Question Round Of Police or any Hospital Staff. A Govt. Also, give Instructions that Injured Person Should Treat As soon as possible without Any paper Formality because, in Ancient Times, The Medical Staff Couldn’t Start The Accidental Cases In India without Interference of Police or Higher Authorities But Now Thing’s Can be Changed Still Hospital need Police Interference but First Save The Person is the Policy Launched by India’s Govt.


  • IRADis known as the IT firm Road Accident Database Office which helps All India Road Accidents to be Registered in this Database so that Govt. will Help the Victims easily. It Cost 250 crores which is a Huge Turnaround Project For The Welfare Of Accident Victims.


Govt. of India also Declared this that If Person results as Harsh Driving or proven the culprit of any Major accident, The case should be filed as 304A criminal the case which is also a very Strict Rule.


So much Of Technologies & Rules or Regulations Still India is Suffering From Major Accident daily With over 1000 cases per day registered in files or Many of the accidents which are not mentioned in the Database also.


Why we are not going to be Serious With Road Accidents?  Why we always blame System for Road Accidents?

You Should Get Answer with this Content. I admitted this We don’t have very good Roads and Enough Traffic System but Still We have Our Own Mind that If something Is Dangerous to our Life We Should Not follow, Help others and Stop In the case of the Unsafe Act.


UAE Traffic System –

The United Arab Emirates is the Best Traffic System and Technologies amongst All Country and this Ranks 1st in the Position because they have the best Technologies and All People’s follow Traffic Rules and Regulations. So Let’s Hope Someday India would Become the Best Traffic System Across The World.


Singapore Traffic System –

Singapore has the No. One Ranked Traffic System and Technologies amongst all Country because they have the best Technologies and All People’s follow Traffic Rules and Regulations. Singapore has the best road quality in 2019 and also received a ranking of 6.5.


Hope you like this Content and Follow Traffic rules and Technologies To Avoid Accidents in the Future.




Author – Shubham Chadha (Lucknow)

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