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How to Remove Background From Any video With Kinemaster – Mobile Video Editor

If you are looking for an article that teaches you the proper guide to remove or change video background from any video with the help of Kinemaster, you are at the best website for a video editing guide. I am Arsh and I will guide you on this topic. I am sharing my personal video editing experience with my readers. I was produced or edit more than 300 videos with the help of Kinemaster – Mobile Video Editor.

Introduction of Kinemaster – Mobile Video Editor, Video Maker

Kinemaster is a fully simple and professional video editor, Which helps you to create such an amazing video from your normal smartphone. Kinemaster has a free version and also a paid version available in Google Play Store. You can use a free version for simple learning of video editing in Kinemaster. So many Youtuber who have a million subscribers, use only Kinemaster for their video production or Video Editing.    

Impressive Features of KineMaster – Mobile Video Editor, Video Maker

  • You can produce more than 1080p quality video, some smartphones are able to export 4K video quality. It varies on the smartphone’s video recording features.
  • The Chroma key is also available in Kinemaster which helps to remove the video background.
  • Multiple transitions are available in the free version also.
  • It also allows us to edit audio or music with some basic features like Voice recording, trimming, voice changing, enveloping, Equalizer, Voice changer.
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Here’s the Full Guide of Background Revomal and Changing in KineMaster (Step by Step)

  1. Download KineMaster’s official application from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.
  2. After installing, open KineMaster, and I especially recommend you run a device capability test. It helps you to the best video editing experience.
  3. ( Settings > Device Capability Infomation > Run Analysis Now)
  4. After this start a new project for video editing.
  5. Choose the video ratio as per your choice.
  6. Import media by clicking the Media icon.
  7. Choose that video which you want to as a background layer.
  8. Go to the layer menu and select media then Import your main video as a down layer.
  9. Now you have both background and Front layers in the Editing timeline.
  10. Select the background layer, go to Adjustment, and set the brightness/contrast/saturation which matches your Main layer.
  11. Now select your Main layer, go to the Blending option.
  12. The blending menu has some options, Start choosing one by one.
  13. You will get the best result with Multiply, Screen, and hard Light. Try all of them once maybe you will find more best output for your video.
  14. After getting your result to add some more color filters or overlay animation or stickers. (If you want)
  15. Then Export your video into a minimum of 720p Resolution and 30 Frame Rate.
  16. Don’t decrease Bitrate below 10.00Mbps. Bitrate is also depending on the selected video resolution and quality.
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What is the blending feature?

Blending means the mixing of things or colors together. In KineMaster you can use blending features with your own creative ideas. This blending feature helps you to remove unwanted colors from your video. The blending is a newly added feature in KineMaster.  

Why does this matter?

So many people use green screens for their small projects but with the blending feature, you can easily save your time and money. There is no need to buy green screen equipment, you can try these steps to get the best results.    

Free Tip for Mobile Video Editors:

I strongly recommend you to use these three video editors during Mobile Video Production.  

  1. KimeMaster
  2. Filmora
  3. Power Director

Because they all have unique features, you can use them according to your skills.

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