What makes Apple iPhones so much special?

What makes Apple iPhones so much special?

Nowadays whenever we see a hand, holding a smartphone with an “bitten apple” symbol we start analyzing the profile of that person. The reason is not his/her look but the precious phone s/he has holden. It is no denying fact that having an apple iPhone in one’s hand is like a dream and many hands are doing hard work to get that opportunity. Apple iPhone is not merely a smartphone developing company but a “trending brand”. But what makes it so much special? Is it look? Is it a feature? Is its design or is its price? Well! let’s look at the success journey of this product! It was the year 2007, Apple Inc. released its first iPhone and guess what?? It had so many amazing features that it was declared as “invention of the year” by TIME magazine… A smartphone just released and collected such a tittle is enough to build the path of a successful journey! However, critics argued that it was too expensive in comparison to the feature it provided, despite it consumed huge success. 

Which company makes apple iphone screens

The peculiar features which resulted in its success were its skin touch sensor feature {on your one fingertip it perform all the function according to your desire}, big speed data connection, and stylish design. After 2007, apple inc. released many iPhone in chronological sequences like iPhone, iphone3G, iphone3Gs, iphone4, iphone4S, and many more in the row. And the most shocking news about this brand is despite its high price still it enjoys a huge fan base all over the world. Talking about India so in India also it enjoys a huge fan following. As whenever a new model of iPhone releases news of many nutty followers comes who use many different ways of buying them… When this iPhone was first released many people waited for many days on retail shops to buy it as a retailer were full of queues. One shocking fact that attracts most is that Apple Inc. based iPhone never shares the no. of the iPhone is sold. Which indirectly strong enough to strike that they sold in high numbers. Few striking features of the iPhone include 

What makes Apple iPhones so much special?

Apple iphone features and specifications

1. Camera quality – Despite tough competition from other famous brands, as per arguments, iPhone has the best camera . 

2. Hardware and design – The best thing about the iPhone also includes its fine quality Hardware and design. Apple Inc. always works to provide the best design according to the demand of that time. 

3.Software –  Apple uses ios not android and hence it’s app and features are according to its flow. Moving towards the conclusion so one thing that what does this “I” denote in the iphone? Well according to reports I stand for the internet initially but later on it was denoted as innovation and more. So one thing which definitely motivates you that the idea of releasing a smartphone(touchscreen) is not a one night dream that came true but a long awaiting and learning process. 

According to the facts, the engineers of Apple Inc. were thinking and working on this project for many years and hence build it the thing that it is today!
Article By- Adarsh Gupta{Hansraj college} 

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