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( PART B )


A warmth welcomes you to all, in the previous article I point out some crucial technologies which are used in the merchant navy necessarily. But today I m going to elaborate on the meaning of why technologies are most crucial in the shipping industry and pinpoint some more interesting technologies which you all cannot imagine in the Modern Era.

Why do Nany ships use diesel engines?

In Modern Era, 2 stroke engines are commonly used advanced technology on merchant ships instead of the 4stroke engine. In ancient time 4 stroke engines were used on ships quite often but after a research new Compact 2 Stroke Diesel engine which is efficient, sustain less fuel, Reduce time with direct starting and reversing is easier, Reliable and have a powerful body and features so that it can be helpful to carry more cargo On ships also low maintenance being used in Modern technology 2 Stroke Engine. Actually, this is the most important point where we discuss the time management and less fuel, in Shipping line you don’t have time to overhaul Engine Every time so due to modern technologies Engine is more efficient and also powerful like before it also helps you the mental strength that If everything is not in control Main engine will help You to Take out in case of an emergency. So it is the most important technology which is used in the modern Era.

Why modern control rooms of ships are safer than ancient times rooms?

In Chemical, Oil & gas tankers have soo many pipelInes and for monitoring, this In ancient times ship the crew had to use & operate manually. But now things have been changed with the help of modern technologies. A control room has mostly access to all the machinery & pipelines too, due to which ship loading & discharging a cargo has been eased not only this we can save manpower and time too for the cargo operation released the pressure from all the crew of the ship. (Engine side) Same goes to this, in ancient time due to manual operation of machines many Seafarers had suffered from a burn injury and casualties also took place, but now due to Engine control room have modern technologies like checking meter of and temperature of the Main engine, leakage of Oil from machines, The temperature of Boiler, speed of Several machines it all can be measured from the modern technologies of Engine control room; Yes! you cannot depend fully on these types of equipment but it is much helpful and avoid injuries too during the monitoring of the Engine machinery system.

How do Ballast Pumps work?

(A) As we know the ship is running in many countries it is the most important mode of transportation nowadays, So many countries have own rules & regulation If we talk about Dubai they have To monitor so frequently our ballasting management same goes to UK, Australia, New Zealand and many more. So firstly, I explain what is ballast pumps? it is the most commonly used pump in ships by doing In and Out of seawater just to maintain the balance of Ship. So by doing this, the ballast pump technology is used which consists of a pump placed in Pump Room of the ship having hydraulic oil, speed meter, temperature meter to monitored the ballast pumps frequency.

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What is a bilge pump and how does it work?

A bilge pump is a water pump used to remove bilge water. since the fuel can be present in Bilge, electric bilge pumps are designed to not cause sparks. Electric bilge pumps are often fitted with float switches which turn on the pump when the bilge fills to a set level. If bilge pumps can fail, we will use a backup pump. The primary pump is normally located at the lowest point of the bilge, while the secondary pump would be located somewhere higher side, due to the case of an emergency. Bilges are normally at the lowest side of the ship So with very congested space at Hull (bottom side of the ship) if any overspill of water, oil spill, chemical spill occurs in the ship it will major useful. As shipping life is full based on balancing Ship or rules & regulation, So this technology is an important part of the ship because it reduced manpower and with just one button system We will control the leakage of the ship.

What is the use of Sprinkler Technology in Navy Ships?

In case of fire in the ship, we will use Fire extinguisher like Carbon dioxide type, Soda Acid fire type, water type, dry powder type, etc. but with the help of modern technology, we will use sprinkler system also in case of emergency because in the Engine room there is a lot of congested places due to which it is hard to fight fire with extinguisher so We will use Shower type extinguisher with just one button on it sprays all over the engine room to reduce Fire danger.

What is Bridge Navigational Watch & Alarm System (BNWAS)?

It stands Bridge Navigational Watch & Alarm system used in bridge equipment if Duty watchkeeper falls asleep or not present in bridge this alarm sounds or signals directly to the Captain of the Ship, BAN WAS is automatically engaged when Ship’s AutoPilot is Engaged. Autopilot technology means Steers a ship Without a person, technically it is used in mid of the Sea or at Port with the help of maintaining the course in Bridge equipment by setting a course & speed automatically. Avoid this BAN WAS alarm you should presently involved in bridge in every 3 to 12 minutes in response to a flashing light, either by moving an arm in front of a motion sensor or by confirmation you should press a button. If neither Captain nor Duty officer canceled the Alarm within the specified time period the alarm signal to the next location where other personnel is available. Y this is an important aspect of modern technology? We used cameras mostly in ships but due to Rough weather & length of the Ship Camera Cannot look properly to the Bridge overall. As an important part, Bridge of The ship You cannot Make a single mistake because it can cause major accidents. So that is why it is the most common technology of Ship.

Real pic of ship in sea

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What is NAVTEX?

What is the use of NAVTEX in marine ships?

NAVTEX stands for navigational telex (navigational text messages) a device used on-board the vessels to provide short-range Maritime Safety Information in coastal waters automatically. It can be used in ships of all types and sizes. The area covered by Navtex can extend as far as 400 nautical miles( 400Γ—1.825= 740.8 KMS range as 1 Nautical mile equals to 1.825 KMS ) from the broadcast station. A NAVTEX receiver onboard prints out navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts as well as urgent Marine Safety Information to ships. This technology helps Marine officers to get important information within a minute automatically.

What is the use of OWS marine in ships?

An Oily water separator (OWS) (marine) a technology used to separate oil and water mixtures into their separate components. They are found onboard ships where they are used to separate oil from oily wastewater such as bilge water before the wastewater is discharged into the environment. It comes under Marpol 73/78.[1] ( International Convention For the Prevention of Pollution From Ships a marine law ).
Oil leaks from running machinery such as diesel generators, air compressors, and the main propulsion engine, This OWSs will be useful to avoid pollution and separate oil and water so that we can discharge water into Sea later on. Modern technology OWS has alarms and automatic closure devices that are activated when the oil storage content of the wastewater exceeds a certain limit. So it is very Useful Technology to avoid MARPOL violation.

Which material is used to make the Navy ship’s body and what type of paint used to paint the Navy ships?

The ship is Fully Built with Steel and due to which with excessive heat and weather steel becomes corrosive or u mean to say Surface has become Rusted so we used Normal painting method by Rollers and brush. But now Spray paintings are the commonly used technology in which you can paint surfaces in a very short span of time also it reduced the manpower.

So, here I pinpoint almost all the necessarily important technical points which were used as Merchant Navy Ships. As I m Naval personnel I, therefore, tried mostly Technical terms in detail manner, moreover, I tried to cover almost all technologies that are mostly used in Merchant Navy. See this content shows you how much important technology is in our life, Yes I also agreed Technologies sometimes played a negative role too but in the merchant navy It is always Be positive, and also it’s very crucial. I suggest the New Youth Generation That always Looks positive And tries to Invent some More Useful technology for the Future Of India and spread throughout The World Because It Play’s A Vital Role in our life And We use modern technologies in Our Daily basis not only in merchant navy but I just want to familiar with some modern technologies used in shipping life.
Thank You, 
This Is All From My side I completed Part A and Part B just to Describe Some Crucial Technologies Points From which people connect with a field that is still unknown to many people. Due to This article somehow you will connect with this Merchant Navy and Their Technologies.
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