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Technological Advancement: A fight between boon and curse

"Technological Advancement: A fight between boon and curse"

“Technological Advancement: A fight between boon and curse”

πŸ”ΊAuthor: ADARSH GUPTA  – Hansraj college, University of Delhi.
Most of us have watched or even still watching Doraemon due to amazing gazette which he uses to help the fictional character Nobita. This cartoon creates a strong love bond between us and technology. Also whenever we sit and think that what would happen if there would no phone, no fan, no, T.V., no fridge how will we survive? 
And hence state loving respect towards tech. But on the other hand, when we came across the news like Radiation causing extinction, technology causing radiation, technology resulting in World war situation we support the point that old is gold, we should avoid being technical and hence add to the negativity of technology! 
But in this war of Positivity and negativity in other words, in this war of boon and curse where should we go? 
Which side should we take? 
What to say? 
And what to do? 

Let’s begins:- 

Tech Advancement; 

A Need of Hour Being tech advanced is what today people classify as “COOL”! Are you thinking about how? Let me put some light on the words! A boy with a touch sensor watch in his hand, a wireless headphone around the neck, A multipurpose Smartphone in hand, and a laptop in his bag! 
A perfect combination for happier college life – and this is what people label as “cool”! And in a real sense also he is cool, no need to ask for a guide, not getting bored, feeling the music and performing all works from one place! A smart boy! Technology is always a boon when we are facing a crisis of loads of work. It simplifies our work, our living situation, our domestic work, our security, our searching process, our investigation process, our entertainment, our education, our practice, and even many more! Without technology we can’t suppose our existence in this world! 
Really technology is a gift of science for humans! 

Technology: A silent destroyer 

Everyone knows about Hiroshima – Nagasaki’s incidence that how the gift of science turned into a disaster. Leave that! Come to straight example, we all have faced electric shock once aren’t we? So look how dangerous it is! We all are heavily dependent on technology, which has reduced our biological capacity and caused many cureless disease! Along with silently destroying humans it is a great threat to wildlife and the environment! 
Also, I would like to bring your sight towards the effect of technology on social cooperation! Today word “privacy” is often linked with technology. And think how this privacy creates a question mark on friends, brother, sister, and even parents! resulting in decreasing social cooperation between “social” beings!! Technology is making humans as it’s servant and that day is not so far, when we will be guided by Robots! This gift of science is like that gift box which when opened provides a punch on receivers’ faces! Are you confused now? 
Hey! After reading the above discussion are you getting a bit confused? 
Wait! this is normal! Actually, points are provided in both favors as well as against technological advancement. In order to reach the concluding statement let me present a very beautiful statement – “Science is a good servant, but a bad master”! Yes! The above line is enough to strike the mind of all those who are in search of a concluding statement. Science is an umbrella for technology and hence the same statement applies to technology also! So what we can say is that technology is an excellent invention if used correctly and in limit but if we start overusing and hence giving our driving sit to it definitely it will prove to be a bad master! So enjoy your human life, exhibit humanity take assistance from technology and make a perfect human life. 

I hope you got my point! Do share

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