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( PART A ) 


Hello Guys, Today I will tell you the importance of technologies in shipping life. I m Working in merchant navy from the past 5years. As we are in the 21st century I faced modern technologies in shipping life as follows: 
1. Satellite technology used to transmit data ashore, for a data connection on the vessel and for mobile/telephone networks.
2. The rudder is used to steering or control a ship an important aspect of technology used in the ship.

3. Ship Propeller

(Rotating fan-like structure who generate and produce force by the main engine of the ship).

4. Global positioning system(GPS)

is a type of GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) sends signals to the receiver so that they can catch your location in case of an emergency or during mid of the sea too? GNSS is the modern technology in which satellite sends accurate Location to the receiver because it can work during rough weather too, incase Signals hit from mountains and bad weather or any obstacles it can easily transmit signals from other satellites worldwide. But GPS cannot transmit easily in case of bad weather and can be blocked too. So GNSS is the modern technology of Ship nowadays.

5. A Marine Radar with ARPA(Automatic Radar Plotting Aid)

capability can create a task using radar contact, CPA(closest point approach) which tells you the course, speed, and danger of collision with other ships.

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6. AIS (Automatic Identification System)

it tells you the Bearing and course of the nearby vessel so that you can easily change your course and avoid a collision. It is moderate technology which helps you track other ships easily. In the mid of the Sea you cannot fully trust your eyes During travel, so incase AIS is the important aspect of ship technologies. AIS is also transmitting signals to The port AIS base stations located in the port so that they can get a maximum number of signatures or code language which ship is used to send AIS. So This system is also a part of Very crucial technology on the ship.


7. Light signals technology

the most important point of the ship it indicates the Signals to other ships weather Your ship is carrying dangerous products like( chemical, oil, gas, and any harmful product for the environment) if the signal is Red It means your carrying harmful substance.

7 (A). If the signal is Distress it indicates that the person or group of people threatened by serious issues or any serious danger in these signals.
The ship use EPIRB technology(Emergency position Indicating Radio beacon) is a type of emergency portable battery-powered radio transmitter used in emergencies to locate a person in distress and in need of immediate rescue. In the event of an emergency, such as the ship sinking, the transmitter is activated and begins transmitting a continuous radio signal which is used by search and rescue teams to quickly locate the emergency and rescued it.
7 (B). Radio mobile communication devices used to prevent rescue and search operations to the person or any danger. 

7 (C). Navigational Light Switch Panel

in which all Lights which is used to navigate ship across Sea, also it helps to Control the risk of an accident. 

In 7th the point, it indicates that the Light panel through which technology gives us the power to control the risk of accident/danger or life-threatening incidents across the Sea.

7 (D). GMDSS(Global Maritime Distress Safety Signal)

Walkie talkie signal In 18th century Ship was used an old Morse code signal to send any kind of danger or distress signals to the port authorities or another ship, But in 19th GMDSS technology came to send any kind of distress/danger signal via radio equipment or satellite to the port authorities. It helps time management easily or within a second this technology sends immediate distress signals to another ship/port.

8. Computer, Fax machines & printer

as the most used technologies nowadays and in the shipping industry, it is the most powerful technology amongst all. Computer & fax machines are used to send important emails, documents, health issues on the ship, giving emails to the other ships, communicate with family, and many more. The printer helps us to copy important documents as required in the ship.

9. Alarms,

another important aspect in modern-day technology normally alarm is used to awake or alert themselves from upcoming events, but in shipping, life alarms are used to prevent upcoming dangers avoid a collision, maintaining signals in case of emergency, and many more.

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10. Radar technology

commonly used to point out nearby objects around the ship like a vessel, boat, aircraft, submarine, Buoy signal, Nearby port, etc.

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11. Chronometer

technology which shows an accurate timekeeping instrument carried onboard. It always shows the GMT(Greenwich meantime).

12. ECDIS(Electronic Chart Display Information System)

is a modern-day technology used in Naval & vessel ships it has become easier for a ship’s navigating crew to pinpoint locations and attain directions. In ancient times, Crew used to pinpoint locations and direction with the help of Map and Pencil it takes time to attained Nearby location and direction to the ship but after ECDIS technology came into ship. The mapping Service of location becomes easier. 

Important Terms used in Navy

That is All, To tell you the importance of technology in our SHIP, without technology we cannot describe Shipping life. I just point out some major technologies related to the Deck Department I cannot elaborate fully because the whole ship is running from Technology, Same like the brain is controlled power of Our body It’s Just like Technology is also the brain of The ship. Technology helps us to decrease the workload from the crew, it helps to become work easier, it also tells us that always respect machines and modern technologies because without this you cannot imagine Life at Sea. 

I also request you all to kindly look forward to Following Ship’s life, As this is the most Wonderful Field for using New & Unique technologies of Ships. This content helps you to understand the primary and important part of technologies which is commonly used in ships frequently. As technology gives us a moderate path to look forward to the New Generation. And it also an important part of Our Daily life. Seafarers are the easiest path to survive life in the sea. 
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