Crime Against Women and How We Control Crime Rates By Using Useful Technologies?

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Crime Against Women's and How We Control Crime Rates By Using Some Useful Technologies

Crime Against Women and How We Control Crime Rates By Using Useful Technologies?

INDIA, Known as a Golden Bird Country which treats every Culture in the same manner. We are also Known As a Country that Treats Women’s Equal to Goddess. But Some People’s In India Few Monsters or You mean To say Demon ( ASUR ) were Treat Women’s Like A Slave or Insult Her with such manner that Humanity Feels Ashamed. 
India Registered most Number of Cases against Women’s across Globe Like RAPE, MURDER, KIDNAPPING, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ACID ATTACK, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, AND MANY MORE. After this Cases Were Pending for Many years in Files Or In Court. For Fighting JUSTICE many Women’s lost their lives and a few one’s attempt Suicide with such Bad Circumstances.
Why we Trying To do these Bullshit Crimes Just for Satisfaction or Ego Hurt or Just to Show Men’s Power? 
Types of Crimes Against Women’s and How Technologies Helped them to Save them? 

  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT: The crime was registered almost Everywhere in India, Girls Faced this Problem either in Public Place, Office or At home, etc. Ancient time Girls Try to Save themselves with this Crime But due to Less Available Sources In India, They didn’t get succeed.

But now things have been changed Few Technologies Will be Helpful to Avoid These crimes very well Like : 

( a ) Shake to Safety App: Just shake the smartphone or press the button they will instantly send a message that you are In Danger or Need Help, We don’t need internet to access this App.

( b ) Eyewatch App: This app captured a Video or Audio of that person who is trying to do Harassment and immediately send an Alert Message to the Important contacts of your, It will work more efficiently then GPS moreover after You are in Safe zone they send a signal that I’m safe.

  • RAPE AND MURDER: These crimes show the Nature of Cruelty against Women’s, in India Many women get Raped or Murdered by certain Reasons or Circumstances but This is not the solution to any problem. When Monster’s Rape A Women they Not even Rape her, they also Broke Her Soul, Her dignity, Her Values, and moreover Her Confidence. 

Another’s Technologies & Smart Based App which will be Helpful to Save Rape or Murder is as follows : 

( a ) Himmat App. Basically, it will be used in Delhi only, In this app, you can send your Exact location and Video or Audio to the Delhi Police Control Room.

( b ) Vithu App: This the app is developed by Channel V by pressing a Power Button or Emergency button it sends SOS { Save our Soul } message or I m In Danger Message to every one of your contact list. It will blink every 2 minutes until someone comes up and Save you.

( c ) 112 Govt. App: Women’s Safety App which has its own Helpline No. 112 & also An Control Room Called 112 Women Power line, in this app you can register your mobile no. your address, name, and age also your emergency contacts. By using this app You can call 112 from your phone, Or Press the power button on your smartphone 3tyms quickly to activate Panic button, Either press 5 or 9 key to activate The panic key, You can send an Email or message Alert to Emergency Response Centre.

( d ) Raksha A Govt App: This is a unique app that will send alerts to your emergency numbers saved in this app, Unique feature if the app isn’t working or you will not have the internet still you can send An Alert by Pressing Volume Key for 5sec. Shout bachaao or help this app immediately send an SOS signal to your emergency contacts. 

Crime Against Women's

  • KIDNAPPING: After discussing above Kidnapping is also the most important Crimes against women. Police have Control Rooms, Police Patrolling is Also Performed during Day or Night, SOS program is also launched for Women’s Safety by Sending a Message to incase of Emergency to a Control Room.

Few Apps were also Used to Help Women’s against these crimes such as : 

( a ) MySafetyPin App: This app is totally based on Safety Location by coloring system if Green color shows it means location is Safe, Amber color for less safe, & Red color shows danger location, It also helps you to find nearby ATM, Pharmacy, or Police Station, and also you can share Your location with your friends by Using GPS. 

( b ) BSafe App: This is a Safety app, which has Unique features, has an alarm that sends the exact location of the user, audio, or video of the nearby areas to the emergency contacts selected by the user. It Has called Follow me, which enables virtual tracking by GPS. Fake call feature allows you to get out of Danger and the timer alarm feature helps you to set an Auto alarm to keep your contacts informed about your location. 

( c ) Smart 24*7 App: this app which sends your location to your emergency contacts, you can also call the police using the panic button in the app, if the GPRS is not functioning, then the location is sent directly via Sms. It records Audio or video too. 

  • ACID ATTACKS: This is the most Severe Crime which Enforces a Women’s to Life Time Trauma, She cannot even think to Defend herself but also unable to fight against it after this Attack. But remember one thing It might be a slight chance to Avoid Deterioration of the face, so in that case if Treatment happens incorrect time The Doctor should Recover her soon.

So with this topic Women should Aware of this very well that nearby location where is the hospital ? police station? , and helping centers. Some useful apps can help to avoid such crimes : 

( a ) Chilla App: If you ever stuck in a tough situation where you cannot use your phone or When You feel Someone is following You, So you can activate this app just by Shouting, or by pressing the power button 5times it automatically sends a signal to the women’s guardian with your location and recording immediately without Even unlocking the phone. It also used as a heart attack. 

  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A brutal Crime which is commonly committed by the In-laws, husband or husband’s family. In Indian Society When Girl Married to a Person the girl’s family always wants her happiness and her Wealth but after a few days later if a daughter starts suffering from Domestic violence it should be a Mental Trauma for all the People’s who were related to that Married Girl, so with just one Crime whole family suffered a lot. 

To avoid this crime The government was Running many programs & apps to like: 

( a ) 112 Govt. app: The most useful & Helpline app to avoid these types of Crimes.

( b ) Special Women’s cell: These police stations are totally separate from the normal police the station, It always looks at those Cases which are related to Women’s Crime. The work Criteria is totally Based on Modern Technologies like Surveillance of the Criminal Number, Tracking a Victim’s location, Fully Monitoring of Women’s Crimes by the Commissioner Of Police Or Senior Police Officer Incharge.

( c ) Family Locator App: This app is used by your entire family, one of the best safety apps which allows you to connect with all your family members. You can create your private groups called circles, With this You will View the Present location of your family members of your private Family Map which is visible to your circle. You Receive present Signal when your family members Arrive or Leave a Destination. The app works in such a way that your entire family stays connected and feels safe.

Rape, Kidnapping & Murder Normally Happens in parties, clubs, it Might be Takes Place either by Drugs like alcohol or any Sleepy Pills So How Women should be aware of this?

Women Safety Tip:
◆ By using Nail polish she will Know that her Drink contains Drugs or Not. Just to Dip a Nail Polish Finger into that drink if the color of that Nail polish will change it might be Drink contains any Suspicious Or Drugs. It is the most important Aspects of Detecting Any Drugs Or Can Avoid any Major Crimes Against Women’s 

Some Major Points to Avoid These Crimes By the Law System:

In India, People were aware of these Crimes very well but still, they committed this and try to find Escape Route too so with such circumstances our Constitution is also Played a Vital Role to Control These Crimes and give Positive message to the Society that Doesn’t you Dare To Commit these Crimes its totally against law. 

In Rape or Murder cases Court Strictly follows the Constitution nowadays, On the Year 2000 The government decided to Run Fast Track Separate Courts for these Crimes not only these sexual assault cases and other important Cases related to Women’s would be Run in this Court. Court Also Pursue special Important Hearings in Non-Working Days or Late Night because of Urgency Of this Matter. 

In other matters like Acid attack or Domestic violence, the Court Decided to Ban Acid in 2013 but still this is running openly available in markets. We live in a society where rules can break easily but also We should think twice that After breaking Rules Many times you will also be the Victim or maybe you will suffer later on. So Why you Trying to Break Rules?

It’s Very Simple If you Show Respect Towards Women’s, Treat them like an important person & Love Her, So you Never Be Regret to Yourself and in this Society Respect and Love are the common aspects of Indian Culture. 
With this content I just want to tell you how we avoid or control crime rates with the help of technologies also I admitted this in India with an average of 300 cases were registered Daily in the Police station or hospitals and few were kept hidden behind the Doors. But with the help of modern technologies, we might be controlling these crimes In the Present or Future.

I Also Suggest this content to Govt. Try to launch some more useful technologies in future or Run common Human nature programs in schools or college’s not only this Try to teach Introduce one more topic for The Awareness of Women’s Safety and What Will be the Consequences if you Try to commit any crime? We also Launched some more Useful Control Anger therapy in Schools or colleges or doing Nukkad Natak Too for the Welfare of Society. 

आज भी हम वो सर्द रात को नहीं भुला पाये है जब एक चीख़ती हुई आवाज़ बस में हमसे मदद की गुहार लगा रही थी , कैसे एक देश की सेवा करते हुए डॉक्टर को रेप और जला के हमारी आत्मा को हिला के रख दिया था, तब संपूर्ण देश एक हो कर साथ में खड़ा हुआ था, आज भी हम वो मंजर नहीं भुला पायेगे जब एक लड़की को तेज़ाब से जला दिया था, आज भी वो हम नहीं भुला पाये और ना कभी भुला पायेगे । “ 

Hope, You Like this Content – Crime Against Women’s and How We Control Crime Rates By Using Useful Technologies, And also Suggest Everyone that Kindly Use these Apps As soon as possible, So that we Should Reduce the Rate of Crimes against Women’s Because By Doing such Disgusting Crimes You Just Think Twice About Your Beloved One’s And Also Remember You Are Living In India. 

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  1. Article is helpful for women I agree but whenever a any female suffer that situation that time her mind cnt work properly so how she can use that app n mostly culprit captured thers cell phones firstly . And law can only stop crime against women if he change His Justice just like Saudai Arabia .. N keep it up ..

  2. if we change law like Saudi soo Indian culture would spoil soon and in that case No one Come upfront for India… I understand Whn any one commit crime girl's cannot use mind but if some one Follow her She can immediately use that Apps Coz Many tyms Police station Lines were engaged, so somehow with using such App And Some useful tricks we can reduce crime Rate..

    and on Last Paragraph I try to Give some suggestions about How we Deal with this Crime by using Education System and by Running Human Nature Programs… Hope We will Reduce Crime Rates in Future

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