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Lahoriye-2017 – Amrindar Gill – Latest Punjabi Movie

Amrinder Gill is the best Punjabi singer and actor. He always gives the best to his every project. He came as an actor in his hit movie Angrej (2015). Angrej movie is the best Punjabi movie. I always recommend everyone watch his movies.

Lahoriye-2017 - Amrindar Gill - Latest Punjabi Movie

Amrinder Gill All Movies:

  • Angrej (2015)
  • Ashke(2018)
  • Lahoriye (2017)
  • Love Punjab (2016)
  • Chal Mera Putt (2019)
  • Golak Bugni Bank to Batua (2019)
  • Gorean Nu Daffa (2014)
  • Tu Mera 22 main Tera 22 (2013)
  • Sarvan (2017)

Angrej Full Movie HD Download Links:

⇛480p HD Print: Click Here
⇛720p HD Print: Click Here

Lahoriye Full Movie Review & Brief Story:

Partition of India

In 1947 Hindustan divided into two divisions ‘India and Pakistan’. In this partition, many people left their homes. Many families did not find the time to close the doors of their homes. Some handed their homes to the others and some kept the keys with them. They thought we should return home from the camp, they prayed for peace, but that didn’t happen. The pain of this separation was immense. I also belong to such a family, really this is very difficult to leave the land of grandparents because every person has a great attachment to the homeland. At this time, people had to be patient. All their lands were distributed in the new countries. They started a new life but they feel pain with every second. The people who came from Pakistan to India were called according to their locality like SialkotiyeLahoriye, Baariye, and Nanariye, etc.

Lahoriye – The Punjabi Movie

Lahoriye is the Punjabi movie that describes the pain of homelands and love. It deals with modern India and Pakistan. The two people from different countries fall in love with each other, and they also belong to different religions. This movie was released on May 12, 2017, directed by Amberdeep Singh, Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta play the lead role in this movie. The cast of this movie-  Yuvraj Hans, Nimrat khaira, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Amberdeep Singh, Gagan Mehta, Sandeep Malhi, Harjit Kainth, Pardeep Cheema, Balwinder begowal, Suresh pandit, and Jashandeep Sran. Amrinder Gill as Kikkar Singh is a Clark in India. 

Lahoriye Movie Songs

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Sargun Mehta In Lahoriye

Sargun Mehta is a Pakistani girl. The Indian family took to land on a contract beyond the border for farming and Pakistan’s family took land near the border. Kakkar sees Amira(Sargun Mehta) in their lands and he likes her. After some time they fall in love with each other. Kakkar decided to go to Pakistan for his grandfather and Amira. His grandfather left their home in Pakistan and pity for the soil of Lahore. In Pakistan Amira’s family members started to like him. They ready for the marriage of Kikkar Singh and Amira. In India, Kikar Singh’s family agreed on marriage. They took Barat to Pakistan. Both families were happy. But now a twist comes in a love story. 

Nimrat Khaira in Lahoriye

Kakkar’s cousin Harman (Nimrat Khaira) and  Amria’s brother(Naseem) fall in love, Which makes the fathers of both angry. Some little things happen and this relationship breaks down. Amira’s grandfather and Kikkar Singh’s grandfather both were friends in childhood, And Amira’s grandfather handed their mansion to the Sardar Indian family. No other family members knew this. Now Amira’s grandfather told that her granddaughter is going to the mansion, which is her home, So that’s a good thing. Naseem’s father bet with Amira’s grandfather that he would tie it over his eyes and leave it at the edge of the village If they find a mansion, then he will be agreed to the marriage. His grandfather found his mansion and won the bet. Finally, Amira & Kikkar and Naseem & Harman got married. The ending of the story is a happy ending. 

Nimrat Khaira Songs 

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