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The Birth of Technology

The Birth of Technology

I want to start from my birth. I was born on 21st January 1999, in medium population city Sangrur located in Punjab. My mother said that I am very weak during my birth time. The hospital put me in the supervision of their best specialists. My first day of life is started with technology in hospitals. My father has a keypad phone from a Spice company. Technology helps me during my birth and nowadays I am working for technology and also with technology. In childhood, I played so many games that were related to our Punjabi culture those give so benefits to health.

My Childhood Games Names:

  1. Hide and Sheek
  2. Musical Chairs
  3. Langda Sher
  4. Janjeer Run
  5. Box Fighting
These games are very beneficial to our physical and mental health. Technology was rare in my childhood times. We spent our whole day breathing in nature. Technology murdered these games and replaced them with video games like GTA 5, Mario, Max Payne, IGI & Total OverDose.

My opinion regarding the present situation of people due to technology: 
The new generation never wants to know the truth of life. They spent their full time playing video games mostly. Video Game PubG is very popular nowadays, this game destroying the present and as well as the future of students. They don’t want to interact with their own families. They becoming clicky worm of technology.

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India becomes the second-highest population country in the world. Unemployment in our country is increasing day by day. The education system is fully dead. The structure of the life of people is properly destroyed. People suiciding because they don’t know how to live a happy life.

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