My Experience with Corona Virus

Hey buddies…hope all are safe from the virus and taking precautions ..yeah..whether u pick up the newspaper or open up social media apps u will get to see the posts related to coronavirus. Your news feed will be filled with the memes relates to this virus or see someone giving advice like take a small piece of cloth and tie laung, green elaichi and Kapoor in it and keep it always with you to stay away from the spread of a virus or you will also see the poets, authors(the writer family) writing poems, quotes about this virus. yesterday I was scrolling my Instagram and saw a weird thing related to this virus and that was a video of a  famous singer who usually is seen singing in the religious functions.i just can’t stop laughing after watching that video. The video was of a religious function of Hindus that we call as “jagraata” and that singer was singing the lines..” dengue v Aaya, swine flu v Aaya …kitho Aaya corona” I am like.what was that ? is that a thing to be sung in a religious place.god doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in god. the count of people dying due to coronavirus is increasing day by, in India, the cases are 91 and 2 persons had died. this virus started in the Wuhan city of china and it has spread in the above 30 countries in the world. Italy is the country which has affected the most.there are  650+ people reported dead.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages

the advantage is only to the school going, children and college students. It has been announced by the chief ministers that the schools, colleges, and universities will remain closed till March 31.students are in a happy mood that they got these unexpected holidays. they feel like some gold has been gifted to them …
The most irritating thing that I felt is that ringtone …whenever u call someone u will listen someone coughing and then the recorded voice starts giving precautionary measures that use napkins while coughing, wash your hands regularly, stay 1 meter away from anyone who is having a cold, cough or any difficulty in breathing to reach to the nearest health center and the helpline number.
People from all over the world are adopting the Indian culture of saying namaste instead of saying hello by shaking hands .as the virus could spread by touch the Indians feel really proud of this good thing adopted by the other nations.

Written By Himani Sharma

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