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Importance of Technology in Our Life.

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My day starts with science technology and ends with it. Technology plays an important role in our daily life. Without technology, we can not imagine our lives.   
       My day starts with my cell phone alarm, I get up at the right time in the morning. Now, this becomes a part of our bodies. We can capture the memorable moments of our life in smartphones. In this, we can make a schedule of the day. We come closer to our family, relatives, and friends. Communication has become very easy. We can make updates from time to time about our world, country, state, and city through mobile technology.
        Our computer or laptop stores and save a lot of data, documents, and files. It is used in the following areas-
1. Office– Computers are used in every office to maintaining all records, files are safely stored and most of the office work is in the hand of the computer.
2. In school – Technology plays an important role in improving educational skills, provide good facilities and help to gain knowledge.
3. Hospitals – In hospitals computer is used to keep maintain the records of patients and also the medicinal supplies. In the operation, the theatre computer helps to operate. 
4. Laboratories – In medicinal laboratories computers are used to test different drugs and compounds for saving a life. The computer does much of the work in laboratory-like taking the blood sample and analyzing the results.
5. Industry– In industries computers are used to make the production of products simpler and faster.               
        Computer programs are used in business to provide perfection in manufacturing. Technology gives huge gifts to us for a fast life.   
        Technology now regularly used in homes. For the cleaning of the home by vacuum cleaner, Washing and drying of clothes in washing machines, storage of food in refrigerators, watching television after completing the work give relaxation to us,
The method of preparation for food becomes very easy due to technology grows day by day. We can lighten our homes with the help of technology.
        I go to my college by bus it helps me to reach the time and many other vehicles like cars, bikes, and scooters are also given by science technology which makes our life easy and faster.
            I belong to the pharmacy profession and technology is very advantageous for us. We use many apparatus in our labs like ovens, distillation apparatuses, shakers, tablet disintegration machines, tablet hardness testers, autoclaves, and weighing balances, etc.
       But in the race of technology life, we are damaging our environment and nature. A large number of animals and birds are hurtfully affected by technology. One day it will come that we will lose our precious and valuable things.
     There are two sides to technology. It is beneficial and also harmful to us. Technology is considered to be extremely important in our daily life.

Article Written By Navjeet Noor
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