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Comparison of Alexa Echo or Alexa Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Life is given to us for enjoyment and without happiness, this is like a punishment. Nowadays technology plays a great role in the entertainment of life. This post is for music, technology, gadgets and also life lovers. Amazon is the biggest name in the online shopping market. It provides us coolest technology gadgets. Amazon is popular for surprising tech products. Like Echo show, Google pixel 3A, smartwatches, AirPods, baby monitor, ear and nose hair trimmer, graphic calculators, projectors, gaming headphones, and gaming consoles, etc. Home speakers have become the most popular these days.

Amazon Alexa Echo

The Alexa Echo speaker (3rd gen) is the right answer to your question. It is a voice-controlled assistant for Amazon. Alexa is a smart home automatical controller. It has Greater features than Alexa Echo Dot. It converts the words command in action. This speaker is best for you if you want excellent service and if you can spend on the home speaker. It can control popular home control gadgets and many others.  It has a slight audio boost. It listens at the same speed as other Alexa speakers. It is slightly bigger than the other speakers. The sound quality is improved in this third-generation speaker.

Specifications of Alexa Echo Speakers:

  • Size – 148× 99× 99 mm 
  • Weight – 1.3kg(2.87pounds)
  • Wifi – Dual-band WiFi, networks that use the 802.11
  • Bluetooth – (A2DP) Advanced audio distribution profile.
  • Colors  – White, Gray Black, silver.
  • Price – Rs.9,999 (Amazon)
  • Speaker size –  3.0″ woofer, 0.8″ tweeter
  • Warrant – 1 year


The Advantages of this third-generation Alexa Echo speaker are:

  •  Alexa echo speaker has 360-degree voice quality.
  • Simply we can ask Alexa to play music, news updates, weather records, stories and also for poems.
  • Alexa echo speaker has 7 microphones and a great ability to listen to words for act on that.
  • We can use Alexa to pay our bills like electricity bills, mobile phone bills, water bills, etc.
  • Alexa third-generation plays music in various different languages like English, Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • Alexa answers any question from you.
  • The equalizer is also present to control the sound effects.
  • The sound quality is great in any room.
  • It plays many sounds from JioSaavn, Gaana, Amazon prime music.
  • Voice control for your existing Water pumps, geyser, and air conditioner.

Comparison of Alexa Echo or Alexa Echo Dot

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd gen) – Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker, it also turns the command words into action. This speaker is best for the people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on home speakers. Echo Dot speakers are the pint-sized version of the Alexa Echo speakers. It is a good speaker if the sound quality is not very important for you. You can connect this speaker with other Bluetooth speakers or large audio drivers for better results of sound.

Specifications of Alexa Echo Dot Speakers:

  • Size – 9.9×9.9×4.3cm
  • Weight –  490 gm
  • Connectivity – WiFi antennas, Dual-band, Bluetooth.
  • Colors – White, Gray, Black, silver.
  • Price – Rs.2,999 (Amazon) with clock costs Rs.4,999(Amazon)
  • Speaker size – 1.6″ speakers

The most important thing is that it listens and takes command the same as the Alexa Echo speakers. The newly discovered Echo dot with clock speaker is almost the same as a simple echo dot but has a LED clock display.

Advantages of Alexa Echo Dot:

  • The voice assistant Alexa Echo Dot has also the sound quality is 360 degrees. 
  • Alexa with 4 microphones it can understand across the area of the normal room.
  • It can catch the command words easily like Google’s assistant.
  • Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker takes command in two languages (Hindi and English) 
  • It is also used for paying bills, playing music, news, weather updates, etc.
  • Use this to voice control compatible devices like smart remotes, lights, and Plugs.

The price is set according to the quality and features of the product. Both are good speakers. If you want the best sound quality so the Alexa echo is better than Alexa echo dot. Otherwise, Alexa echo dot is also a good speaker. Both speakers have 30,000 skills and this is a great thing.

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