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Mi Mix Alpha 5G , 108MP & Surround Display

Mi Mix Alpha:5G Surround Display Concept Smartphone

The world has a 7.7 billion population, it means there are also 7.7 billion ways of living a life. The market for smartphones is as big as the world population. Daily thousands of smartphones are coming in the market and brought by people. The smartphone companies create attractive smartphones with their outstanding features, strong hardware, and insane looks. Now I come to my main topic SURROUND DISPLAY CONCEPT the sound is very very interesting. 

Mi Mix Alpha 5G , 108MP & Surround Display
Full Surround Display of Mi Mix Alpha

Last month Samsung introduced the foldable smartphone that is also in trending topics. And the sound going to be in trending topics is Mi Mix Alpha Smartphone introduced by XIAOMI. This smartphone is a futuristic phone that shows so many approaches for Xiaomi to explore during the 5G period.

Display of Mi Mix Alpha:

Mi Mix Alpha has a complete front screen. The top and bottom bezels of this phone are only2.15mm. The side frame is replaced by a screen. The side view of this phone gives you an outstanding feel because every edge has a lighted screen. 

Mi Mix Alpha can provide so many notification alerts on the side view screen. It also has some gestures on the left and right sides of the phone. The display of this phone is extended from front to back. The screen is endless and gives a great look to a smartphone. The display of the backside of the phone carries the most used applications and widgets.

New Sensors in Mi Mix Alpha:

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Mi Mix Alpha has built-in sensors to check humidity present in the environment and air quality of the surrounding area. These sensors make this smartphone smarter and eco-friendly. This feature is very useful for lungs infected patients. Mi Mix Alpha has great new sensors.

Specifications of Mi Mix Alpha:

Mi Mix Alpha has amazing rear cameras that are 20MP ( Ultra Wide Angle Camera ) + 12MP (Telephoto Camera) + 108MP ( Ultra High-Resolution Camera ). These cameras can capture such a brighter, detail, and produce photographs of high quality and dynamic range. Mi Mix Alpha can capture or produce photographs of 108 million pixels. The zooming results will make you stunned.
The processor of Mi Mix Alpha is also shocking and amazing to us which is Snapdragon 855+, it is specially designed for 5G. This smartphone contains 12GB of RAM ( Random Access Memory), it is also such an incredible thing on this phone. This phone has 512GB, UFS 3.0 read and writable storage.

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Mi Mix Alpha 5G , 108MP & Surround Display
The screen on sidebars of Mi Mix Alpha

Mi Mix Alpha is on the way and we see this smartphone in the future and be able to use this. The price of this smartphone will also surprise us because of features and specifications are varies the price.

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